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Here we are… down to the wire. I can hardly believe I am scheduled to present my Capstone project a week from today! I expect to finalize the second draft of my paper tomorrow, so I can begin to put together the slides for my presentation. I have the notes I need, my professor is helping me with the graphics and outline, so now, in the words of that ever-popular motivational Nike ad, “Just do it.”


I met with my professor yesterday about Capstone, and as usual, he made sense out of the obscure… I am so grateful for him!! He helped me understand where my paper needs to go in order to bring the information I have so far to its logical conclusion. I will be working on the last few sections of my paper this weekend, and then I should be ready to start putting together my presentation. At least, that’s the plan!

Spring Break has come and gone, and I spent a good part of it doing an assignment for one class (that was due the Friday of Break, if you can believe that!!!), studying for the mid-term in another class, and writing the rough draft for my Capstone. I got the assignment done on time, I did well on the mid-term exam on Tuesday, but I only managed to complete about 75% of the Capstone paper by Wednesday’s deadline. I am really grateful for the time I had to work on it, but I was quite disappointed that I didn’t manage to get it finished. I tried hard, but I just wasn’t able to pull it off.

It is critical that I complete the final sections of the paper soon, because I must begin focusing my attention on preparing for the presentation I will be giving in early May. To that end, I will be working to gather as much information as I can about Donald Saari’s analysis of election outcomes. I’ve laid the foundation in the paper, now I need to try to bring it to its logical conclusion… as soon as I determine what that is! So here we go, more reading and (hopefully!) more writing.

We had the final round of Capstone Proposal presentations today, and once again, a wide array of interests were represented. I am always humbled by others’ presentations, be it student or faculty, because they are a graphic reminder to me of how little I actually know! I listen and watch and try to understand… but mostly, I have no idea what they are talking about!! Some of the topics that totally lost me were Panel Data Modeling, the Riemann Hypothesis, and Applications of Fuzzy Set Theory and Finite State Automata (say that three times fast!!). I did a little better job of following the presentations about rankings and the Bowl Championship Series, the push for Proofs to be taught in high school, Digital Image Interpolation, and Error Detection and Correction in Data Transmissions. I was pretty excited that I understood some of the presentation on Markov Chains, since I can still recall a bit about stochastic processes from Linear Algebra. One of the presentations was about the Mozart Dice Game, which was apparently quite popular in Europe in the 18th Century. There is a 12 x 16 table, composition rules, and one uses the roll of the dice to randomly create a minuet. I don’t understand exactly how it works, but we were able to listen to a minuet that the student had created, and it was beautiful. She is working on a project that will connect art and math, and it should be quite interesting. I was also one of the presenters today, and all I can say about that is… I am glad it’s over!!


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