Pressing Toward the Prize

Week 10… Light at the End of the Tunnel

Posted on: April 23, 2011

I met with my professor yesterday about Capstone, and as usual, he made sense out of the obscure… I am so grateful for him!! He helped me understand where my paper needs to go in order to bring the information I have so far to its logical conclusion. I will be working on the last few sections of my paper this weekend, and then I should be ready to start putting together my presentation. At least, that’s the plan!


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  • gramsonjanessa: I can't wait to listen to your capstone presentation in the spring! Your proposal was really interesting and I'm interested to see how the linear alge
  • dewittda: This is impressive! I thought I was good because I solved a rubik’s cube once in an hour. I served with a guy in the Air Force who could solve a r
  • ZeroSum Ruler: The Euclidean algorithm should me the mainstream way we teach students how to find the GCF. Why isn't it? A mystery.


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