Pressing Toward the Prize

Just a Little Humor

Posted on: October 29, 2010

After having a really rough week, I decided to search some blog sites for a little humor. Thankfully, I found a couple that fit the bill. In his blog Division by Zero, Dave Richeson offers pumpkin pi, a limerick, exceptional math reviews, and some fun with the concept of infinity. The definition of infinite he shares from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” is rivaled only by this sentence in John D. Cook’s blog about a googol: “Inconceivably large numbers pop up in intermediate steps on the way to moderate-sized results.”

For humor of a different sort, Tanya Khovanova shares how mathematics helped her learn to say, “No.” Okay, except for the last couple of sentences, it really has nothing to do with math, unless you want to start adding up the number of  marriage proposals she has received over the years. (Hint: You might need a calculator!!) But like I said, I was looking for something humorous. And if riddles are your cup of tea, Tanya also offers some interesting puzzles. Who says math isn’t fun?


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  • gramsonjanessa: I can't wait to listen to your capstone presentation in the spring! Your proposal was really interesting and I'm interested to see how the linear alge
  • dewittda: This is impressive! I thought I was good because I solved a rubik’s cube once in an hour. I served with a guy in the Air Force who could solve a r
  • ZeroSum Ruler: The Euclidean algorithm should me the mainstream way we teach students how to find the GCF. Why isn't it? A mystery.


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