Pressing Toward the Prize

Hello world!

Posted on: September 11, 2010

Hi! My name is Linda Nusser, and I am currently pursuing a BS in Mathematics at Pacific Lutheran University for the purpose of one day teaching math at the community college level. Although understanding math can be challenging at times, I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of accomplishment I get when a problem has been solved successfully. I have been very blessed to have teachers throughout my education who were very passionate about math, and they lit the spark of passion within me.

For the most part, math makes perfect sense to me, and I always feel badly for people who think math is too hard. The desire to help people discover that understanding math is well within their reach is what inspired me to become a teacher. I am a math tutor at Pierce College, and seeing a student’s eyes light up as they grasp a math concept for the first time is very gratifying. When being a student feels overwhelming, I remind myself that I am working toward fulfilling my lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. This is one of the prizes I am pressing toward.

I was asked to discuss the most interesting class that I have taken at PLU, and I found this to be a very tall order. Every course I have taken has been enlightening, and the professors are wonderful. To choose the “most” interesting is very difficult, but after much thought I have decided it was the Intro to Computer Science class. Computer programming was new territory for me, and learning the language and how to use it effectively was very time-consuming. But I liked the mix of learning a “foreign language” and then using that language to perform procedures and solve problems that included math. I was amazed at how much is involved in creating and running even the simplest programs, and I felt euphoric every time a program worked the way it was supposed to. As a result of my own experience, I found myself in awe of the amazing things that programmers do.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Capstone project. At this point, I really don’t have a clue what I would like to do.  I have taken three different classes on statistics and probability, and I find these topics intriguing and relevant to our world. The application of statistics concepts can be found in nearly every aspect of life. Perhaps performing a hypothesis test on a claim, or using probabilities in some way, would be interesting. I don’t know what I want to do with this, though, and I will definitely need some ideas and direction.


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I am hoping that this blog project will lead you to find interesting articles that spur your curiosity. Perhaps then you can find a direction to follow for the capstone project. Remember to read others’ blogs from the class; they might lead you in an interesting direction too.

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  • gramsonjanessa: I can't wait to listen to your capstone presentation in the spring! Your proposal was really interesting and I'm interested to see how the linear alge
  • dewittda: This is impressive! I thought I was good because I solved a rubik’s cube once in an hour. I served with a guy in the Air Force who could solve a r
  • ZeroSum Ruler: The Euclidean algorithm should me the mainstream way we teach students how to find the GCF. Why isn't it? A mystery.


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